Featured Employer: Advanceit Financial

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        This week’s featured employer, Advanceit Financial, is a merchant cash advancer that’s helping small business owners everywhere take their ideas to the next level. You own a small to medium sized business, you need money to expand and grow, and you’ve run out of friends, family and angels. You believe in… Read more »

The Power Of Collective Intelligence

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  School life is often divided between ‘smart’ and ‘dumb’ kids which forces students to view the real world in the same way. Does the concept of ‘smart’ that exists in high school continue to bear the same meaning once we graduate? Peter Senge, director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan… Read more »

Video Cover Letters – Do It

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  Want an easy way to really stand out from the crowd? I’m sure you’ve guessed it already from the title; Video Cover Letters! Did you know that 65% of employers are adding video technology to learn about job seekers’ personality and professionalism before scheduling on-site or phone interviews? It’s very simple to understand why; traditional… Read more »

15 Experiences You May Have As An Intern

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1. During your initial interview you find yourself having to embellish your past work to make up for lack of experience. 2. People randomly come up to you to give advice. 3. You start realizing that you are spending a suspicious amount of time with the photocopy machine.     4. You find yourself learning a lot…. Read more »

Awkward Holiday Gifts From Bosses – What was your bonus?

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With the holiday season entering into full swing, bosses around the world are doubtless pondering what kind of gift to give their employees. Whether they choose christmas parties or bonuses, gifts or gift certificates, now is the perfect time of year to show employees that they care. Unfortunately for some underlings, some bosses seemed to… Read more »

Side scroll our way to the future

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Side scroll is making a comeback About two weeks ago I signed into my myspace account purely on a whim.   What I found to be very interesting ( most interesting, Myspace still exists!) was the side scrolling feature. I started to notice side scrolling everywhere, in windows 8, in video games, in youtube videos… Read more »

Don’t Just Be Good; Be Memorable!

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You know the saying that it’s “better to be lucky than good”? I’m gonna go one further today and say that it’s “better to be memorable than good”. Why is that, Alex? Glad you asked; because if you’re memorable, chances are that you’re good already! Rather than using people as examples (far too obvious), I’m… Read more »