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Create playlists out of the videos and music from your social networks

With so many videos and music out there, it’s not about finding content but rather about organizing, sharing and personalizing it. A new Montreal based startup,, provides a social platform that does exactly this, connecting artists, fans and labels through the extraction of high-quality multimedia from a wide range of social media sites. Users can interact with this media on the Wavo platform and save it to the cloud, making the content accessible anywhere and allowing the users to organize and save it without have to download files or visit countless sites! In short, Wavo allows users to re-appropriate their content, providing personnalized visual content streams comprised of user chosen bookmarks. tagline says it all: a place to discover and share music with the world.

Things are looking good for; they’re often ranked as one of the fastest growing music apps on Facebook and they are 4th fastest growing startup in all of Canada. Their success is powered by numerous partnerships with music labels and event promoters around the world. As part of their ongoing growth, Wavo has several fanstastic marketing internships available. Interns who join the Wavo team will have the opportunity to work with industry giants like Evenko and Toolroom records, major artists and the PR teams that make everything hapen, employing diverse marketing methods to help attract artists to some of the biggest events, clubs and festivals in the world. Most importantly, interns will see first hand how to network in the music industry and the inner workings viral web startup.

Stay tuned for more job opportunities on the careers page!


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This week’s featured employer, Advanceit Financial, is a merchant cash advancer that’s helping small business owners everywhere take their ideas to the next level.

You own a small to medium sized business, you need money to expand and grow, and you’ve run out of friends, family and angels. You believe in your business, and have considered a traditional loan, but realize the risk: repayments can be crippling for any young business, especially during unsure stages of growth. A bad month or two of sales could make the difference between survival and going under. What do you do?

Answer: call Advanceit Financial, a merchant cash provider that’s been turning big ideas into big business since 2006. As an Advanceit client, you get up to $250 000 in cash, quickly, without having to provide collateral. Loan repayments are linked to your sales, so you’ll never have to worry about defaulting during slow months. Advanceit gives you the support you need to succeed, without burdening your business financially.

There couldn’t be a better time to join the Advanceit team. Last year, CEO Jeff Mitelman was awarded the 2013 Quebec Entrepreneur of the Year for Financial Services by Ernst & Young. Today, Advanceit is the fastest-growing merchant cash provider in Canada, with a canada-wide client base and more than 50 employees. If you want to nurture the canadian startup community while building the business leaders of tomorrow, check out Advanceit Careers today.

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ReelyActiveClasstrak,a digital classroom management system, is revolutionizing the classroom dynamic.

This week’s featured employer is Classtrak, a classroom management platform that is making school a better place for children to learn and grow.

In Classtrak classrooms, teachers schedule homework and assignments well in advance, on their own time, and save trees and money by never having to print or photocopy. Students submit homework electronically at their leisure, never forgetting it at home or having it eaten by dogs. Teachers motivate uninterested students with fun challenges and cool prizes, and easily track their progress. With Classtrak, parents and teachers work together to mold the best possible education for each individual student.

Classtrak is also an exciting place to work! The Classtrak team is committed to improving education systems in Canada and abroad, and giving every child an opportunity for success. If you like the idea of helping others towards a better future with a passionate team, check out Classtrak Careers today. They’re currently looking for a Junior Rails Developer.

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toutit                  This week’s future employer is TOUT.iT, a digital platform for sports fans that’s bringing the sports bar experience to your laptop and phone.

What if you could enjoy the atmosphere of a sports bar, with all of your buddies, from home? No annoying music, no overpriced drinks, no hassle. That’s TOUT.iT’s mission: virtually recreating the sports bar experience.

TOUT.iT users choose topics and have meaningful discussions with their friends, fellow fans and rivals, whenever they want. Individualized news streams deliver content in real time, so that fans never miss a beat. Users share opinions, build credibility, and prove their expertise to each other. To make interactions within the community as natural as possible, TOUT.iT is building a unique set of technologies that will bring digital social interaction closer to real life.

Founded in 2012, TOUT.iT is an exciting place to be, and has even been featured in the Financial Post. If you like the sound of building the TOUT.iT community alongside a skilled young team in downtown Toronto, check out the Tout.It Careers Page. They’re currently hiring a graphics design intern, a sports statistician and android, software and iOS developers.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 2.50.34 PM

Jobbook and Startup Montreal are partnering to make it easier and more affordable for Canadian startups to recruit more effectively.

Attracting valuable employees to a startup can be expensive and difficult. We’re here to help!


Post a free Montreal startup job, In just a few minutes your jobs will be shared throughout the Startup Montreal and Jobbook network, which includes student associations and career services from McGill, Concordia, Polytechnique and SUPINFO, niche blogs like Code-Love and more, right here in Montreal. Your postings will be directed through the exclusive channels that matter to the most relevant job seekers.

You also get access to Jobbook’s entire recruitment platform. Our sleek new website will make sure your postings look fresh and professional, and every job page is totally customizable. Intuitive marketing tools make it easy to share your positions instantly, and our intelligent matching software will rank candidates according to your needs.

The resources of an industry leader, the personalized approach of a startup.

Jobbook is a community. Once you become a member, you’ll have a dedicated team committed to your success. We’ll show you how to get the most out of our tools, maximize the reach of yours jobs, and answer any other questions you have. We’re always available for support and instruction; we want you to make your next big hire a great experience!

Is that all?

No, there’s more! Jobbook’s intelligent system matches you with a list of relevant candidates, force ranked to your preferences, much like a dating site for job seekers and employers. Sort, assess, and interview your candidates as you please, without charge, and seperate the best from the rest. Once you find your perfect match, hire them without paying any fees. It gets better: if any of the candidates you don’t hire get recruited by one of our other clients, you get cash. Add a Jobbook widget to your website and watch your traffic, and cash flow, increase. That’s the beauty of the jobbook system!


What are you waiting for…

Jobbook and Startup Montreal want to make Canada the best place in the world to start a business. Join the best and most exciting startup job community today, and find your startup’s next star employee for free.

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You’re a grad: classes are finished, and you survived to tell the tale. Now what? You can’t live off KD and cheap beer forever, and you think you’re ready to grow up and get a real job . You’ve already begun your job search and, If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have a couple of offers on the table. On the one hand, you a have a standard position at a reputable corporation offering solid benefits and job security.  wdwdwdwdwdwdwdwdwdwd

On the other, you have an opportunity at an exciting start up with big ideas, a fun atmosphere, cool people and maybe even a couple of friends. You’re not crazy about being a corporate cog; you’re no stiff, and you’ve hated Monsanto since you were smoking pot in high school behind the bleachers. You look down at your graduation dress, and can’t imagine wearing a suit. You love the idea of contributing to society and working at a startup, but is it worth the risk?

Here’s 6 reasons why we think you should grab life by the balls, follow your heart and accept a job with a startup.

1. You’ll have more responsibility.

Working at a startup probably means you’re part of a small team, often in the single digits. Due of the nature of having such a small team, there is probably nobody else in the company who has the same skillset as you, approaches problems in the same way you do, or even thinks the same way you do. Moreover, a non-corporate environment gives you a better chance to be yourself, rather than conform to corporate norms and accepted practices (boring). After all, you’re no robot.

2. You’ll be given more opportunities. 

I probably don’t need to tell you that most startup jobs won’t pay as well as some of the bigger corporate and business jobs. You (or your degree) may be worth more than a startup is able to pay. But working at a startup offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that isn’t based on dollars, but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. Companies like Google are hiring more and more high-level employees from startups because of the rich skill-sets they develop. Furthermore, if your startup can’t pay you, they may compensate you using stock options or other securities. If you believe in your startup, you probably believe that such securities will be worth a lot more than cash one day.

3. You’ll be able to do a lot of different things.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from peers who have entered into a more-structured, corporate position is that they are generally stuck with their main task and don’t get to branch out into other areas. Whether it’s writing, designing, filling out spreadsheets, or any other task, it’s usually a one-person-fits-one-task kind of position. If that sounds like your startup job then, I hate to tell you, but you’re doing something wrong. Working at a startup will allow you to try on a lot of different hats, even that weird one that you don’t think you’ll ever like.

4. You will learn from true innovators.

People who start their own business have a different mental and professional makeup than those who have never gone off to create something of their own. Entrepreneurs are defined by seeing a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way of addressing it. Because of this innovative nature, entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They approach problems differently, are constantly finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of their time and work. As Michael Dell said, “Never be the smartest person in the room.”

5. Your work will be recognized (as will your failures).

If I’ve learned anything from watching TV shows and movies, it’s that if you work at a big company, chances are that all of your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss or someone else is going to snag the credit. But at a startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where credit is due. If you succeed, the small team will recognize it instantly, and the praise and glory is yours to bask in. On the flip side of that coin, it’s also really easy to see when you’ve screwed up. That keeps you focused and on your game.

6. You’ll work in an awesome atmosphere.

Startups are fun. Small teams tend to be closer and more familiar than much larger ones, and working toward a common goal builds trust and cohesiveness. It’s an environment that is equal parts exciting and warm, an extremely rare recipe in the corporate world. Most startups allow business casual, if not completely relaxed attire, and work in trendy spaces and offices. If and when a startup does find itself with a bad apple, it won’t be long before that person is out. Fast. Lazy or sub-par workers will be noticed very quickly, and startups don’t need to go through as much bureaucracy in getting rid of them.

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MollBryan Moll is a progressive Talent Acquisition Leader with extensive experience partnering with some of the top organizations within Marketing, Technology, Ecommerce, and Media including: Universal McCann, Conde Nast, and Gilt Groupe.

He is widely regarded as a thought leader in the recruiting space and has been asked to speak at numerous industry events including LinkedIn’s Talent Connect, HR Technology Conference, and ERE Chicago. Bryan has been quoted in the media outlets Newsly and Yahoo Finance and was recently inducted into LinkedIn’s Inaugural Top 100 Class of 2012 for his work in building and leading a cutting edge recruiting program at Gilt Groupe.

Bryan has a simple recruiting philosophy; he and his team(s) are known to “market ideas” and feature a special talent pipeline called SWK (Someone Worth Knowing), where his team keeps in touch with the best candidates until he’s ready to make a move. He’s a true expert at acquiring people and quickly building a cohesive, productive team for his clients. It all stems from his immaculate eye for spotting the right talent for the right position. Knowing that it takes great people to build a great company, he successfully combines technology with a human touch to grab people’s attention. His friendly, down-to-earth demeanour makes it incredibly simple for top talent to be drawn to him.

Lucky for you, you will have the chance to experience his wisdom & insights right here in Montreal at Startup Recruitment Reimagined! It’s being held at the Notman House (51 Sherbrooke Street West) this Thursday May 27th at 6:30.

Don’t miss out on your free tickets, it’s absolutely worth it!

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This week’s featured employer is Now In Store! 

This exciting, Montreal startup is a web based, user-friendly catalogue builder that provides a low-cost option for creating beautiful, vibrant catalogues that present any product with style! It’s Especially useful for small businesses looking to add that professional touch to their product line. A great opportunity for students and recent grads!

Now In Store is passionate about giving people and businesses the tools they need to sell their products. Users are given complete creative control to design the perfect catalogue for their product-line, with choices in price, product order, covers, descriptions, and more.

Want to create stunning content for stunning products? Want to be a part of an exciting, young company that is changing the way firms connect to consumers? A Career at Now In Store may be for you! Head on over to Now In Store Careers, they’re currently looking for both back and front-end development interns.

Last Week: Beyond The Rack

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School life is often divided between ‘smart’ and ‘dumb’ kids which forces students to view the real world in the same way. Does the concept of ‘smart’ that exists in high school continue to bear the same meaning once we graduate? Peter Senge, director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management stresses the importance of collective intelligence using his theory of Systems Thinking. Systems thinking may be explained as a web of interdependence that compels people to work as a part of family. However, the concept of Systems Thinking runs much deeper as it requires individuals to not only rely on one another but also commit themselves to lifelong learning. It requires individuals to have the ability to broaden their ‘mental models’ in order to look at the same thing as others but from different points of view. Hence, the concept of Systems Thinking is very closely tied to real lifelong learning. However, the question remains: what work culture can help employees make collaborative efforts using joint decision making and collective intelligence mechanisms?

John Kotter, author of Leading Change, manages to answer the above question in his book. Kotter discusses the changing corporate world and the growing demand for an adaptive collaborative culture at workplaces. Such a workplace culture requires the management to not only supervise its workers but also to lead them. Kotter stresses the need to complete all the stages of a transformation process, not through panic or fear, but a “do it now” mindset.

Business models today are not only advancing towards a more externally oriented model but also an open and a more risk tolerant paradigm. Hence, companies today want and need individuals who are progressive and have a will for real lifelong learning. Systems Thinking requires employees to come together and rely on each other for collaborative efforts. It is a practise that builds a community at workplace by enforcing mutual consensus and  joint decision making efforts. In order to inherit a truly collaborative culture at workplace, leaders need to take risks, depend on one another and walk out of their comfort zones. So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, collaborate with you team members and have an open mind to embrace new ideas.

As Senge puts it, “It’s not about ‘the smartest guys in the room.’ It’s about what we can do collectively. So the intelligence that matters is collective intelligence, and that’s the concept of ‘smart’ that I think will really tell the tale.”

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We all know how stressful shopping can be, especially when you’re always looking for the latest, most sought-after fashion.

Imagine: a store where you can find authentic, recent designer clothes at affordable prices, during private sales. You’d never have to wait for your favourite item to go on sale again! This sounds too good to be true, but Beyond The Rack provides fashionistas with an opportunity to get on the guest list and experience all this for yourself!

This is what happens at Beyond The Rack: flash sales that offer exclusive, backroom fashion at surprisingly low cost are always held. Beyond the Rack is a vibrant, growing community with 6 million members that works closely with over 100 respected, designer brands to ensure that you get a better shopping experience than any retailer!

Talented, hard-working and like-minded individuals like you can bring BTR to the next level. You certainly won’t want to miss this great opportunity; a career at Beyond The Rack is definitely a fulfilling experience!