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Want an easy way to really stand out from the crowd? I’m sure you’ve guessed it already from the title; Video Cover Letters!

Did you know that 65% of employers are adding video technology to learn about job seekers’ personality and professionalism before scheduling on-site or phone interviews? It’s very simple to understand why; traditional print cover letters are mostly dull, lifeless & boring. They may describe a fantastic candidate, but if they don’t incite any passion, and look like all of the other cover letters, they will wind up in the same recycling bin as all of the other cover letters.

Now this doesn’t mean you can get away with making a subpar video (not yet anyways). Ideally, you want it to be concise (no more than 2 minutes) and let it reflect the best facets of your personality. As with traditional cover letters, you want to do extensive research on the company you’re applying for, particularly since you cannot send in the same video to multiple different openings. It’s also very important to gain feedback from friends & family, as hopefully they have the guts to tell you what needs improvement.

We wouldn’t be doing our part if we didn’t tell you that you can upload your OWN video resume right here on our main site!

Here’s something to help you get the ball rolling

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Think you’re due for a career change? How about crying professionally for a paycheck? More than half of us are already well experienced in the subject already, unfortunately. Yet last I checked, no one ever deposited a check for weeping.

As per the Quora thread “What Job Exists Only In Your Country“, here’s one of our personal favourites: “According to a custom, in certain areas of Rajasthan, women are hired as professional mourners after the death of a male relative. These women are referred to as a ‘rudaali’ (roo-dah-lee), literally translated as a female weeper. They in turn publicly express the grief of family members who are not permitted to display emotion due to social status. The ‘rudaalis’ make a scene crying out loud.The impact of their mourning also compels other people at the funeral to cry. Always dressed in black, they have to sit and cry, crying out loud, beating the ground beating their chests (they don’t beat each other) screaming and crying. They are professional tear shedders. They get the details of the dead person, his or her near and dear ones.”

Must make for a particularly pleasant walk in the park…

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Few things in life are more important than choosing the right career. This is especially true in the Information Technology field, where choosing the right career within IT can mean the difference between being stuck in the doldrums of a dead-end job and being on the fast track to career success. The myriad of choices in IT can be bewildering to choose from, but the researchers at have taken some of the guesswork out of the search for you with the following infographic of the top 12 IT jobs that will fast track your career.


There is no doubt that the Information Technology industry is growing, but you need to choose wisely when you are deciding what type of position you want to groom yourself for. You should look at the various options given in this infographic, which will also help you identify which degrees and certifications you need (or don’t need.)

For instance, did you know that many software and web developers are self-taught, possessing no degrees but still getting top-paying jobs in their fields? This is not to say you should drop out of college, though, because you will see that many of the current job openings do require at least a Bachelor’s degree. What you can take away from this, though, is that it is often more important what you know and keep abreast of than what particular degree path you choose.

As much as possible, tailor your degree curriculum to the position you would most enjoy, while also allowing yourself some other options. If the position you are aiming for requires a certification, try to make sure your coursework helps prepare you for those certification exams. Most importantly, though, pay attention to current trends in the IT industry, and keep yourself knowledgeable about your field and the job opportunities.


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Have you ever sat back and actually noticed how much marketing absorbs your life every single day. Day in & day out, week by week, month by month, it’s virtually non-stop. So many advertisements on TV, in print, on the internet followed by so much content on the web. Basically, everything is linked to Marketing one way or another. Most of the time, you don’t pay attention; most of it is crap. But then again that’s not Google.

They never seem to do a single boring thing. How they still manage to capture our attention so consistently and so wonderfully is baffling, considering just how much boring crap gets spewed around on the web and on TV. Here’s an example where just for April Fool’s, Google Maps included a wild Pokemon adventure on planet Earth!

All this to say, marketing can be a really exciting career, particularly if you’re the person in charge. Since your job is to sell everyone onto your company/product/idea, it’s a pre-requisite to become genuinely interesting, that way you can be among the best. You’re the person who leads the way in the overall direction that marketing goes into, exploring such channels as communications, social media, blog, content, email, print, advertising etc. It’s quite a lot of power, but as Ben Parker of Spiderman once said; “With great power comes great responsibility”.

And if you’re interested in the brilliant machine that is Google, well then here you go;

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In a world where engaging content is king, video continues to grow in importance as a recruitment tool for both job seekers and employers. Indeed, if an image is worth a thousand words, imagine just how much meaning a video can convey!

Why so? Video is a powerful medium that can transmit the mission, the work culture and the reality of an organisation or the true personality of any candidate better than many a paragraph. Beyond mere information, video allows one to transmit an emotion, a story, a vision. Perhaps that’s why many companies make large investments in order to produce top quality corporate videos and applicants are using video as a means of showing off their personalities. One Indian business school has even begun to oblige aspiring students to submit video CVs.

We’ve come a long way from since Leonardo De Vinci’s produced the first professional resume over 500 years ago. Since then, CVs have continued to evolve, at one point even containing one’s height, weight and marital status. What’s more, there is no global consensus on resume standards, as any European accustomed to attaching a photo to their job application soon learns after arriving in North America. The same varying standards goes for corporative videos, with some impressive and some astonishingly bad examples available on the web.

Following the short lived faxing of CVs (RIP), video CVs first appeared (not counting their brief cassette tape appearance in the 80s) around 2006. As if forecasting their impending increase, Stephen Dubner wrote a blog entitled “Why isn’t the video resume more popular?”. The author of the popular Freakonomics series, an economics based exploration of “the hidden side of everything”, was astonished to see the disparity between what applicants were like on paper versus their in-person personality; he believed video provides just the solution.

Just as importantly as its ability to communicate accurately, video is a very efficient means of getting a message across. At Jobbook, seeing as how efficiency and easy of use is at the core of our system, it was thus a natural choice to integrate video embedding into our system. Our employer members can post videos on their job postings, as in this opportunity from Beyond the Rack, an innovative online fashion retailer. Such videos allow our seeker members, themselves able to upload their video CVs, to connect directly with the vision of our employers.

In line with the efficiency and simplicity demanded by today’s consumers, mobile accessibility is another current trend. With good reason: in the past few years, there has been a huge surge of the use of mobile applications in recruitment. When mobile friendly sites are paired with video functionality, the result is a high powered, ultra accessible message, allowing employers and job seekers to connect in a way that is both intuitive and fun. Accordingly, Jobbook is proud to offer our platform’s mobile application that incorporates both text, image and video in a streamlined interface!

It’s important to remember that just because video allows for a different kind of interaction with potential employers, it does not mean that there aren’t a new set of challenges for job seekers and companies wishing to put jump on the bandwagon. While an online resume must be free of mistakes and use positive, definitive language, videos present a new set of challenges. Similarly, companies should ensure the videos produced are of a high quality. Challenge accepted?


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If you’re not living under a rock in 2014, chances are you know that the traditional way of finding a job is dead. You can’t go around blasting your CV online and/or in person, follow-up ad nauseam and expect to get the job that you REALLY want. But if you’re seriously intent on getting the job that you want, you can do like Leah and take a risk; differentiating yourself from the likes of you!

They say no risk, no reward; taking the easy way out and spraying around a boring resume will only wind up in the garbage bin. Perhaps it’s time for you to go out on a whim and try some new things out, you might be surprised!


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Hello freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers & marketers, we’re inviting you all to come take a peak at our office and see if you’re interested in working in our shared-space. We have:


- Over 50 seats available,

- A full kitchen for that moment you get a little hungry,

- Workout room with bench press for the fitness buffs,

- Private phone room, if you don’t want anybody listening in,

- Half Court basketball net (always a good time),

- Your choice of shared desk, single desk, standing desk, even some sofas for extra comfort,

- Mezzanine, 2-story ceiling so you never feel crammed in,

- Heart of Downtown Montreal, so you’ll never miss out on good food and something to drink ;-)

- Wi-fi included

- Beer Fridays

- Anything you need, you let us know


All of this could be yours for the low price of $250/Month (full-time), or $20/Day (part-time).


If this sounds like something you want to do, you can get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us at (438) 289-0002, address 1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 120.


How about a sneak peek into our space, shall we?


Talk about Breathing Room...Whole Floor Upstairs (More Light)vA Real Basketball NetHustlin' and Bustlin'Imagine Kicking Back & Working on One of TheseWe Also Have a Real Basketball
Shotgun That Couch...Gotta Eat Once in a While

Coworking Space, a set on Flickr.

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Job Love at Jobbook Valentines

1) We Love Making The Job Search Easier

If you spoke with a guidance councillor 10 years ago, you might have been told to “send your resume everywhere, be persistent, follow-up, talk to career counsellors, network and so forth”. No thank-you! In 2014, it just doesn’t quite work that way nowadays. Employers are flooded with so many CVs for a limited number of jobs that they don’t even know where to start! And why make job-searching such a stressful full-time job anyway? Signing up to Jobbook helps candidates learn about new job opportunities throughout their career. Makes us feel a little bit like cupid <3


2) We Love Helping University Students Gain Real World Experience

We provide students all over North America with real world experience through our internship program, helping a select few lucky students add more than a nice GPA to their resumes. It also doesn’t hurt that employers notice the effort you put in juggling work and school; that extra experience can prove absolutely invaluable to the post-grad job search, not to mention helping you stay organized when you do start working. Great habits start early, and last a lifetime. Our little dose of love in your career development!


3) We Love Our Employers

Big & Small, old and new, for profit & non-profit organisations. Marketing Jobs! Volunteer Work! Canada & US! They add amazing new job opportunities to our network for our fabulous job seekers and keep them coming! *Virtual Hug!*


4) We Love Our Colleagues 

We all share a common passion for our work, and never tire of brainstorming exciting new projects. It’s great to be on the same page, not to mention making heart symbols together. Awwwwwwww ;)


5) We Love Working In The Startup Capital Of Canada

Montreal has a great startup scene and we’re more than proud of being just one of many young companies popping up in the city. Of course we’d like to send a shout-out to the growing scenes in Toronto, Waterloo & Vancouver for putting Canada on the map!


6) We Love Sourcing and Providing You With Up-To-Date Career News

We do everything we can to make sure you never go empty-handed when educating yourself on your career. Choosing the latest in interview tips, job search strategies and industry-specific events, we make sure that everything you need to know about your career is on our News site. The reward is all in seeing how much you love staying informed.


7) We Love Fixing A Real Problem

Unfortunately there are tons of inefficiencies in recruiting. Many companies are stuck on old ways, and it’s stressful for both seekers and recruiters to find each other. That’s why we built Jobbook, to make your career goals easier to obtain!


8) We Love Our Job Seekers

No two customers are ever the same, just like snowflakes (I know, horrible pun on this day, but oh well). Everything we do is customized to each job seeker, ensuring that they have the ultimate experience with us and that we genuinely add value to their career. On a side note, we love it when you share your success stories!


We could go on and on about all the things we love about doing what we do here at Jobbook, but we don’t want to stop you from finding your perfect match when love is in the air!

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My weekday mornings typically resemble a sped up version of an interpretative dance number. Hopping while trying to put my socks on, I zoom around the apartment, grabbing everything I need for the day while trying to scarf a bowl of cereal. All this in a bleary eyed blur that is best left unobserved.


This morning was different however, and as I serenely walked to the subway with plenty of time to spare I quietly congratulated myself on my time management. Just missing the metro car, I remained unphased, knowing that the next one would get me to work exactly on time. Several minutes passed and as the next metro pulled up I realized that every single wagon was completely jam packed. No space. Darting back and forth, I attempted to find an open nook, somewhere I could discretely tuck myself. The whole exercise was to no avail and the wagon departed, leaving me crestfallen on the platform.


Landing The Job

Landing the job is a lot like getting on the subway.


With the clock ticking, I anxiously waited the next metro, trying to position myself at the exact entry of the door in order to facilitate access, all the while hoping there would be more space the next time. But no, the next metro was just as packed as the first had been. No space in the first car, or the 2nd or the 3rd. That’s when I noticed a curious phenomenon: despite the fact that every single car was filled, people along the entire time seemed to be getting on. With just a few seconds before the door closed, a clear dichotomy was formed in my mind: there are those who get on and those who wait. I could continue politely wait as each metro passed by or get to work somewhat on time. Honing in on a particularly full wagon, I felt like Harry Potter at Platform 9 ¾. I steeled my eyes and walked into the wall of people. Like magic, where there had nothing but people, coats, and backpacks, a space opened up for me. Once inside, a woman kindly offered me to place my bulky bag near her so that I would have more space and we zoomed on our way, helping me arrive but a few minutes late.

Later on, while reflecting on the metro experience, I realized how much getting a job is like getting on a packed metro:

1) At first glance there appears to be no space

Full of job seekers of all ages, there will always be lots of competition for a job, especially ones offering great benefit packages, healthy salaries and fun working environments. Looking at all these fellow job seekers can surely give one the impression that there is no hope in landing the job.

2) You have to want it

No one will push you onto the metro. Likewise, no one will land the job for you. By being determined to carve out a place for yourself, people will notice that drive and make space for you. This is equally true for hyper specialized industries in addition to fields like marketing, where thousands of grads are clamouring for work.

3) People want you to get on

No one likes watching the disappointed faces of busy commuters watching the full cars go by and no one likes seeing a disappointed job seeker, desperately trying to land the job. What people do want is to see you succeed. What they need from you in order to do so? Your initiative.

Taking public transport is a very humbling experience that allows one to see the highs and lows of people. There are the pushers, those in a rush and those who don’t respect the line. There are also those that will hold the door for you, stop to pick up your dropped metro pass and smile when they meet your eye. Drawing on the psychological concept of splitting, a realistic portrait of a given situation is created by varying nuances of grey. This is all the more pertinent for the job hunt; don’t forget that while you’ll see both unhelpful and kind people along the way, there is space for you and you’ll be the one in charge of landing the job. Or getting on the subway.


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You don’t need to have a taste for fashion to work at Beyond the Rack; while it never hurts to match your passion to your job, who couldn’t use a career with a bit of flair!

Marketing Job

If you don’t already know, this online fashion retailer offers members exclusive deals on designer brand apparel and accessories – up to 80% off! Check them out for yourself ;) Founded in 2009 and named North America’s fastest growing online retailer in 2011, this hot company has been featured on major media channels like The View, eTalk and Life & Style (just to name a few). Their secret? Their innovative business savvy, marketing expertise and incomprable style. Their hard efforts are paying off and BTR has grown into one of North America’s leading flash sale sites, currently boasting over 6 million members.

With exciting career opportunities that provide employees with a great customer experience, it’s no wonder Beyond the Rack continues to grow. Here are just a few more reasons you will want to jump in and join this team:

  • Job opportunities in fashion, IT, customer service, marketing, etc…
  • Learning the tricks of the trade of a sucessful 2.0 company
  • Ambition, growth, motivation and success are just a few adjectives that describe the fuel that powers this boat
  • Work can be fun – at least it is at Beyond the Rack!
  • Did somebody say “discounts”? Yes, you’ll get that too.

Want to hear a little more? Here’s what Beyond the Rack had to say about working for them: “we value our employees, and encourage their professional growth by rewarding hard work, acknowledging achievements, and promoting from within. So wherever you are in your career, chances are BTR will take it a step or two (or three) further.”

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a fashionista looking to join a growing network of trendsetters, or simply looking for a new career with a bold industry leader, make sure to check out the latest job opportunities in Marketing in Montreal with this exciting company. Don’t see a job for you? Stayed tuned… with their growth, there is sure to be another job opening just around the corner ;)